Christmas Eve Mass at ICOH at 6:30 pm followed by a potluck dessert social at Monika and Mary's.
Christmas Day mass at DW at St. Margaret's at 6:30 pm.
Regular mass on Saturday, 12/27, 17 ICOG at 6:30 pm.
DW will have a mass on 1/1/15 at the Dignity Center at 7:30 pm.
The new board which takes office on 1/1/15 will be installed at a future date.
At last week's Board Meeting, the following schedule was set for the fall (all events are @ ICOH unless otherwise noted and of course all are subject to change as necessary):
Anointing on 9/27
Blessing of the Animals on 10/4 (bring pics of animals and we will solicit contributions for a local animal shelter)
ICOH Pumpkin Patch is seeking volunteer workers unloading trucks starting on Sunday, 10/5 at 11:15 am, and again on Wednesday, 10/15 in the afternoon.  Other tasks also need to be completed.   For more info contact Harry B or Jamie Conrad at ICOH in the evening at 703-836-0655.
NOVA PRIDE on 10/5 at Bull Run.  Please check out the festival info and other activities at:   NOVA Pride
Solidarity Sunday on 10/11 (prayer with D/USA)
Walk to End AIDS on 10/25 ...DW and D/NoVA are again this year sponsoring a team in memory of Jimmy DePersis.  If you would  like to join our team, please register online.  Following is a link to our team page.

We have 20 complimentary registrations, and a special promo code for our team members to register online at no cost.  Just select the “Join a Team” option, choose the Dignity team from the drop-down menu, and enter the promo code DIGNITY.

D/NoVA Annual Meeting on 11/8 (dinner meeting after mass @ICOH)

Jim Smith from D/USA presiding on 11/15
Transgender Day of Remembrance on 11/22
World AIDS Day on 11/29 (First Sunday of Advent... We will be having an Advent program including daily readings from a Advent 2014 reader that Father Joe H is providing for our use.)
Penance Service on 12/6
Anointing on 12/20
Christmas Eve Mass on 12/24
We are in our election season.  All officer and board member positions are up for election.  Nominations are due to Karen P by 10/18.  Please see Karen or one of the current board members if you are interested in taking a leadership role in our community.  New voices are very much welcomed and needed.
John W, our Secretary, will conduct the election at our Annual Meeting scheduled for 11/8.  We envision a dinner meeting after mass with a program including the election of officers for the 2015 calendar year, the President's State of the Chapter report, the Treasurer's report, and a discussion of any and all issues that are on the minds of our community members.
One of the issues to be discussed at the Annual Meeting on 11/8 is the issue of women presiders.  We will discuss the recent report of the DW Task Force on Women Presiders (see attached).  We hope for a full and frank discussion of this issue by our members.  Much thanks to our President, Father Joe H, for his involvement and leadership on the Task Force and for being such a wonderful representative of our community.
It appears that the concept of women being ordained is universally supported by members of our community.  So, we would like to limit our discussion to whether or not D/NoVA should use women presiders at our Saturday night mass.
Our purpose will be to determine if there is a consensus in our community to have a woman presider on an occasional basis along with our other regular male presiders.  To meet this goal, it is essential that we hear from all of our members.  All points of view are valid, worthy of consideration, and in fact crucial if our community is to reach a consensus on this issue.  We do not see this as an issue for the board to resolve so much as an issue for our community as a whole to decide.
If you have not already done so, please start to give this issue some thought.  If you are not able to participate in our Annual Meeting, but would like to have your voice heard, please submit any comments you have by responding to this email.
You might find some of these web sites of some value as you consider this subject.
The Board authorized a contribution of $150 to D/USA to be given to Jim Smith on 11/15.
The Board authorized a contribution of $100 to an LGBT Veterans group in honor of Veterans Day.

Board of Directors,
Dignity Northern Virginia

Dignity Northern Virginia 22nd Anniversary

About 40 members and friends gathered on June 28th  to celebrate Dignity Northern Virginia's 22nd Anniversary.  At mass, Father Joe Hennessy, the president of D/NoVA, noted that in D/NoVA's service to others and in our love for one another, we are Christ for one another, and we do it because we are Catholics who believe in and try to follow Christ's path.  Following mass, a wonderful international evening was planned with posters and souvenirs from our travels decorating the church hall.  A wonderful, catered Italian dinner courtesy of Anje Beger with drinks courtesy of her partner, Eileen Hanrahan, was served.  Many others did their part to make the evening special.  Sister Jeannine Gramick was an honored guest.  She spoke of Pope Francis and noted the balance that the Pope has attempted to bring to so many issues confronting the Church.  She is encouraged that Francis is warning that the Church's moral edifice might “fall like a house of cards” if it doesn't balance its divisive rules about abortion, gays and contraception with the greater need to make the Church a merciful, more welcoming place for all.  Sister Jeannine was given a Community Service Award (CSA) for her efforts to bring equality and justice to LGBTQ peoples.  A CSA was also given to Vic Pethe for his support of our president and for being so gracious and welcoming into his home.  The 2014 President's Award was given to Anje Berger for ​her dedication and service to D/NoVA as a Lector, organizer, supporter and faithful friend.

Many thanks to all of those who attended and help make our celebration such a great success especially those who helped in setting up before and cleaning up afterwards, those who donated and purchased items at our silent auction, and those who brought special items from their travels to help decorate the hall.